New Book

New Book: Miranda and Maude!

Have you seen this adorable duo, yet? Miranda and Maude are at it again, this time working on a school play. While they navigate performance and stage fright, they also find cause to battle for non-styrofoam lunch trays and the most worthy cause of all, love. Great for ages 7-10.

Kirkus calls this one “a delightful read!” We couldn’t agree more. Congrats to Emma Wunsch and the princessy and not-so-princessy duo!

In the Wild, News

Marty Kelley Gets Famous

Dr. Carla Hayden reading Santa’s Underwear: A Visit from Saint Nicholas by Marty Rhodes Figley and Illustrated by Marty Kelley

The coolest thing happened! Dr. Carla Hayden, the librarian of congress, continued the tradition of reading children a holiday story in the Thomas Jefferson Building’s Great Hall. This year, she read a few books to commemorate the winter holidays. One was very familiar to us! Santa’s Underwear: A Visit from Saint Nicholas by Marty Rhodes Figley and illustrated by our own Marty Kelley. Go Marty! You’re so famous! Read more about the event and its history here.


New Book Forthcoming

Adi Rule, author of Strange Sweet Song and Hidden Twin has a new book deal! Adi is writing a middle grade novel for scholastic called Hearts of Ice, hitting bookshelves in September of 2019. See what her agent has to say:

HEARTS OF ICE is a true winter wonderland of a read, starring a girl who has grown up believing she is an only child. Everything changes when she discovers that not only does she have a sister—a twin!—but the girls were born in another magical, wintery world. And now? That world is out to get them back.

This incredible page-turner was sold to Mallory Kass at Scholastic Press, and is hitting shelves in September 2019. Huge congratulations, Adi!

We cannot wait!