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New Book: The Secrets We Keep

It’s no secret we’re thrilled that Cassie Gustafson’s The Secrets We Keep is out in the world, with two starred reviews from Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly already.

In the vein of Amber Smith’s The Way I Used to Be and Kelly Loy Gilbert’s Conviction, this heartbreaking yet hopeful young adult novel follows a girl’s struggle to reconcile friendship, sexual abuse, and the secrets we bury deep down inside to survive.

High school freshman Emma Clark harbors a secret—a secret so vile it could implode her whole world, a secret she’s managed to keep hidden away. . . Until the day her best friend, Hannah, accuses Emma’s father of a heinous crime. Following her father’s arrest, and torn between loyalty to Hannah and to her family, Emma is devastated to learn she must testify against Hannah’s word in order to keep her family together. As Emma wrestles with this impossible decision, her fractured past begins to resurface piece by painful piece—causing the line to blur between her present-day reality and the dark fairytales she writes to survive, all of which threaten to expose Emma’s long-buried truths.

The Secrets We Keep explores the complex, powerful bonds of friendship and family, asking the difficult question: at what point does Emma’s loyalty to another become a betrayal of herself? And perhaps the toughest question of all: Can Emma find the strength to finally unbury her secret?

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New Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Being Human

Welcome to planet Earth, A Beginner’s Guide to Being Human by Matt Forrest Esenwine, illustrated by André Ceolin!

Being a human is a lot of work! Thankfully, humans experience many of the same feelings, situations, and challenges, so we don’t have to figure it all out on our own–we can help each other navigate the ups and downs. Full of humor and heart, this engaging guide inspires kids to be humans who are kind, empathetic, and thoughtful. No matter what our day brings, we can choose to practice self-control, compassion, and forgiveness. Don’t worry, young human, it’s okay to make some mistakes along the way–just remember that it’s love that keeps us all afloat at the end of the day.

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New Book: I Am Today

Join us in celebrating the release of I Am Today by New Hampshire’s own Matt Forrest Esenwine. When a young girl notices a turtle ensnared in a wire while playing at the town beach, she grapples with what she, as a kid, can do. Spare prose along with beautiful illustrations by Patricia Pessoa empower the main character, and child readers, to embrace their own ability to make positive change.

Happy Book Birthday, Matt!

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New Book: Pugnapped: Commander Universe Saves the Day (Sort Of)

Join us in welcoming a brand new title from Marty Kelley! Pugnapped follows the escapades of fourth grader, Stevie Blunt, as he tries to earn enough money for a vintage edition of one of his favorite comics, Captain Fantastic, which features a “Top Secret Superhero Training Journal.” When he agrees to babysit the neighbors dog to earn some money for the purchase, and the precious pug suddenly goes missing, Stevie and his sidekicks have to figure out what happened before it’s too late!

Hand to kids who love the series Stink or I Funny, or give to any middle grade reader with a love of comics!

Happy Book Birthday, Marty!

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New Book: Forty Winks

Huge happy book birthday to Kelly DiPucchio and New Hampshire’s own, Lita Judge! Forty Winks is an adorable bedtime romp, following 38 mouse children as they prepare for bedtime. The lively text is accompanied by gorgeous, playful and cozy illustrations.

The often hard-to-please Kirkus gave it a star and said:

A fun twist of a familiar phrase and a delightful new bedtime tale.

Find it at your favorite bookstore, today!

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Book Birthday: The Other Side of Luck

Join us in welcoming The Other Side of Luck by Ginger Johnson into the world! In this fantasy, Una and Julian both long to enter the magister populi’s contest to find the elusive Silva Flower. Each thinks that winning this contest could bring answers to their long unanswered prayers. Will they find the flower or will they find something even better?

Accolades have been pouring in:

“Johnson’s lyrical novel . . . tenderly depicts growing friendship.” —Publishers Weekly

“Charming . . . the book undertakes a delicate exploration of family ties and belonging.” —Foreword Reviews

“. . . a captivating feast for the senses. Johnson describes sights, smells and sounds in exquisite detail . . . . Immersive and sensitive, The Other Side of Luck will be enjoyed by middle grade fantasy readers in search of a story full of magic and heart.” —BookPage

See details about Ginger’s Book Launch at her website:

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New Book: Once Upon Another Time

March ushered in another Book Birthday! Gaze upon Once Upon Another Time by Matt Forrest Esenwine illustrated by Andres F. Landazabal. What did the critics have to say about this lovely outing?

“Beautiful images of long ago come together with lyrical text to transport readers to a past that is almost forgotten but that we would benefit to remember…a necessary addition to picture-book collections.”

Find or request it wherever books are sold and be sure to check out Matt’s website for details on blog tour and author visits.