New Book

New Book: Everybody Counts!

Count on a great new picture book from Matt Forrest Esenwine and Emma Graham!

Everyone is helpful, in large and small amounts.
Everybody matters. Everybody counts!

From the publisher: So begins Everybody Counts!, a creative foreign language counting picture book. Get a taste of diversity as you explore this far-reaching festival of food and count your way to a full plate of fun! Readers will get to learn how to count to 10 in twelve different languages, from Greek and Portuguese to Swahili and Navajo. It’s true: everybody DOES matter. Everybody counts!

New Book

New Book: Almost Everybody Farts: The Reek-quel!

We’re holding our noses, but still excited, for this new fart-filled book from Marty Kelley!

A companion title to Almost Everybody Farts that’s all about . . . you guessed it! Farts!
Featuring a menagerie of animals and their signature farts (as well as some who don’t!), Marty’s simple digital illustrations perfectly capture exaggerated poses and facial expressions for maximum silliness and minimal gross-out factor, keeping this taboo subject family friendly. The rhyming text makes for a perfect read-aloud experience.

New Book

New Book: Something Beautiful

A new book from Lita Judge is always something beautiful, and Something Beautiful is no exception!

Mouse, Elephant, and Giraffe have so much in common. They like the same games. They eat the same snacks. They don’t need anyone else! Or do they? When the group takes a chance on opening up, they discover that meeting someone new and seeing things from a new perspective can be truly wonderful.

New Book

New Books from Mark Hoffmann!

Our lives have been enriched by a new currency-focused book from Kimberly Wilson and Mark Hoffmann!

Pennies, worthless? Non-cents!

Hot off the minting press, Penny feels like a million bucks. But as other coins and bills are spent while she sits forgotten, she begins to doubt her value. She is too small to slot-surf with Quarter. Even penny candy sells for a dime! Refusing to be short-changed, she sets out to find her purpose at any cost.

Readers will laugh at a wealth of money puns, learn a basic lesson on US currency, and discover that self-worth is truly priceless.

A romp of a tale about the surprising similarities between dinosaurs and children from Anne Ylvisaker and Mark Hoffmann!

Iamasaurus. I am noodlevorous. One of the genus Ridiculorous. Mothers abhor us. Babies adore us. We romp and we stomp and we chomp on the floras. 

Turns out kids are not unlike T. rexes. Did you know both creatures share many of the same body parts—maxillae, mandibles, clavicles, ribs. Scapulas, humeri, tibias, fibs? This fun romp of a book will make young readers’ inner dinosaurs roar with delight.

New Book

New Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Being Human

Welcome to planet Earth, A Beginner’s Guide to Being Human by Matt Forrest Esenwine, illustrated by André Ceolin!

Being a human is a lot of work! Thankfully, humans experience many of the same feelings, situations, and challenges, so we don’t have to figure it all out on our own–we can help each other navigate the ups and downs. Full of humor and heart, this engaging guide inspires kids to be humans who are kind, empathetic, and thoughtful. No matter what our day brings, we can choose to practice self-control, compassion, and forgiveness. Don’t worry, young human, it’s okay to make some mistakes along the way–just remember that it’s love that keeps us all afloat at the end of the day.

New Book

New Book: I Am Today

Join us in celebrating the release of I Am Today by New Hampshire’s own Matt Forrest Esenwine. When a young girl notices a turtle ensnared in a wire while playing at the town beach, she grapples with what she, as a kid, can do. Spare prose along with beautiful illustrations by Patricia Pessoa empower the main character, and child readers, to embrace their own ability to make positive change.

Happy Book Birthday, Matt!

New Book



Guys, whatever the question is, Don’t Ask a Dinosaur. That’s just good advice! Unless the question is, “Should I run to the bookstore or library right now and get my claws on this awesome new picture book by Deborah Bruss and Matt Forrest Esenwine, illustrated by Louie Chin?” In that case, every book savvy dinosaur will answer you with a roaring, “Yes!”